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Nowdays, website is core in order to build your brand identity, company profile website be necessities. In the other hand Era has changed, all company need to expand to reach online market by e-commerce. I have experiences build e-commerce and profile company from scratch or use cms.


Graphic Design always necessary to comunicate your value of company. Company Logo; Web page design and brand identity packages (bussiness card, letter head, etc) must be unity in one theme design,because it can give profesional impression. I can Help you to build it.


JIMDO is website generator, I have certificate to build web design with JIMDO. JIMDO is best way for build simple website such as landing page or one page website.


Research Organization has changed in order to manage their papers. OJS is CMS for manage papers production, started from 'call paper section' until 'release paper'. Within OJS, Author; editorial staff and evaluator can colaboration in same platform. I can help you to implementation OJS in your organization and give some training.


Based on my experiences while develop newsroom (which is one big portal news in Indonesia). I have product newsroom for produce online news and print news (newspaper/ magazine). Blackinkstudio Newsroom has many features which is core in media company.


Technologies is always grow, which bring more effectivity and efficiency with new methods. I share knowledge about new technologies and also review my research product in my blog feed.


TMP Accounting TMP Accounting TMP Accounting is part of tmpcorp company focus on accounting services
Teknologi Multi Persada Teknologi Multi Persada TMP's Company Profile, consultant Information Technologhy Based In Jakarta
Sulaiman & Herling Law Website Sulaiman & Herling Law Website s&h law is lawyer company
Sigerjaya Abadi Website Sigerjaya Abadi Website produced pasteurized blue crab meat which was exported to the United States.
Daff Yoghurt Website Daff Yoghurt Website Daffyoghurt produces yoghurt, company based in Bandung
Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika (BMKG) Class 1 Bandung Badan Meteorologi dan Geofisika (BMKG) Class 1 Bandung BMKG is goverment institution in Indonesia
Mitrakamera Mitrakamera Mitrakamera is retail company which sell camera and photograhpy equipment by online or offline store
Packaging House / Packaging House / PH is packaging company in Bandung
Koko Muslim Koko Muslim kokomuslim is online store which sell apparel for muslim
Adpt+ Cocoon Adpt+ Cocoon Project rebrand logo which merge two company Adapt+ (UK) and Cocoon (China)
Sheep Alarm Sheep Alarm Logo Project for mobile application in Netherland, which is alarm for saving
Jersey Tob Jersey Tob e-commerce website for company who sell jerseys and sports equipments
Nebualecymbals Nebualecymbals Cymbals Maker from Indonesia Rosaliecheese is company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, they produce produce home made cheese
Agro Hack Logo concept Agro Hack Logo concept Agro Hack is technology focus on agriculture
Care4Cargo concept logo Care4Cargo concept logo care4cargo is company who focus on logistics services
Web Design for property company : Bel Saquare Web Design for property company : Bel Saquare Belsquare is property company based in Netherland

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Article about Technology, Graphic Design and Software Development.
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